By Patrick K. Lin, J.D. Brooklyn Law 


The best advice often comes from those who have walked the same path we have. What makes blogs so informative is that they are written by people who want to share their experiences with others. Here is a list of five blogs that range from informative to humorous, and often a bit of both.


  1. SCOTUSblog is a law blog written by lawyers, law professors, law students, and journalists about the Supreme Court of the United States. This blog covers topics about the Supreme Court in an unbiased way and tracks cases before the Court from the certiorari stage through the merits stage. SCOTUSblog even liveblogs as the Court announces opinions and grants cases, and often has information on the Court’s actions published before either the Court or any other news source. The site’s contributors also host a podcast, SCOTUStalk, which takes a “plain English” look at events and topics related to the Supreme Court.


  1. Law Technology Today is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. The site brings together practicing attorneys, technology professionals, and practice management experts from a wide range of practice settings and backgrounds. The blog strives to provide guidance on how to leverage legal technology in a variety of legal practice settings. The site publishes legal tech tips, case studies, and a wide range of recommended books, videos, and podcasts.


  1. is a well-established media platform that can be thought of as a legal newspaper. The site includes trending legal stories, the LegalSpeak podcast, and press releases. You can also access useful tools like the verdict search, legal dictionary, and legal community directory. In addition to legal news, the site also publishes various industry reports and law firm rankings.


  1. Above the Law provides news, insights, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, and the field of law. Posts are written with a combination of wit and skepticism and covers the profession’s “most colorful personalities and powerful institutions.” From discussing Biglaw bonuses and controversies to law school rankings and news, Above the Law prides itself in giving its readers the inside scoop on the legal field. The site’s Morning Docket provides daily updates in quick, digestible sentences and links to the full article. Above the Law is often the go-to option for in-house blog reading because it has a dedicated In-House Counsel page that focuses on tips and insights that apply to different in-house settings.


  1. Legal Reader strives to provide the latest legal law news and commentary on the laws that shape society, particularly those affecting consumers. The site is unapologetically committed to consumer protection and exposing corporate malpractice and hypocrisy. Its writers also avoid “legalese,” recognizing that information should be clear and understandable for its readers. Posts ranging from knowing your rights to new laws and cases that affect everyday consumers, Legal Reader is a great resource for consumers and lawyers alike.


While these blogs are a great starting point, there are hundreds of blogs out there to explore--like this one ;-). If you have a particular area of the law you want to read about, there is probably a blog for that. The ABA Journal staffers publish a list of their 100 favorite law blogs, cleverly named Blawg 100, every year and is a great place to start finding the right blawg for you.




Are there any law blogs you follow? Please feel free to share them below!

Posted On: Aug 22, 2020

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